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Unexpected Blessings from our Talented Team

We have several staff members that you might not know, but they have important roles in the life of our school. They are with us each day keeping our school clean and safe, filling our walls with God's love and grace, and keeping our little learners healthy and well fed. They are part of the fabric that make Parish Day School such a loving and caring environment. We are thankful for their talents that go beyond their jobs at Parish Day School, that they graciously share with us each year!

Ms. Rusty is one of those staff members. She is an Eastern Shore Chapel Sexton, assigned to keep the preschool area clean and safe. She also is an avid gardener and lover of the outdoors. She has a beautiful garden at home. Recently, she visited one of our Pre-K Fours classrooms to read a book about gardening and completed a planting project with the students. It was so much fun to see her in action! The students have continued to care for their sunflower plants and were thrilled when they began to sprout. And what genius to plant them in orange peels. This was such a fun way for Ms. Rusty to connect with our students.

Another Parish Day School staff member that shares her gifts with our students and families, beyond the job she is hired for is Ms. Cheryl. Although Ms. Cheryl's position has her working in our kitchen as a prep cook and a morning care team member, her artistic talent can be seen throughout our school. She is the secret artist behind the door decorations, wall decorations, and messages of faith that change each month in our hallways.

It is so exciting at the beginning of the month for the children to explore the building and see what Ms. Cheryl has created for them. Her murals bring messages of hope and love to the school through her artwork. It is just another way our hallway is filled with joy month to month!

Our Kitchen Manager, Ms. Angie, is another blessing in the fabric of Parish Day School. She plans our menus monthly while navigating our dietary needs with careful consideration of our students allergies. She shops, plans, and daily creates snacks and meals for our students. She oversees the fleet of carts that it takes to deliver these nutritious items to our classrooms.

With Ms. Angie, our hallways are filled with yummy smells of homemade breads, homemade muffins, and the hot lunch of the day. She prepares the fan favorites of comfort foods each month with macaroni and cheese and chicken noodle soup along with her fun creations of Chicken Tacos and Sandwich Wraps. We are so blessed by her organization, thrifty shopping, and love of cooking! We are so grateful for these fresh hot meals that nourish our bodies and souls!

Thank you to Ms. Rusty, Ms. Cheryl, and Ms. Angie for the love your bring to Parish Day School. We feel it in all you provide for our little learners!

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