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Parish Day School

Half-Day Preschool

About Our Morning Day School

9:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

The school security doors open at 8:55 a.m. for dropoff, and again at 12:15 pm for pickup. All students attend chapel and a music class once a week with a music specialist.

Parish Day School

2-Year-Old Class

The 2s Program is a wonderful introduction for children to build a love of learning. Our program uses the STREAMin3 Curriculum and the Virginia's Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS). Our teachers work on a variety of developmentally appropriate milestones with the children, along with providing opportunities for socialization and emotional development. Some of these developmental milestones include:

  • Showing more independence

  • Using words to express themselves

  • Playing with others

  • Sharing and taking turns

  • Following one- and two-step instructions

  • Sorting colors and shapes

  • Completing sentences and beginning rhyming

  • Imaginary play

  • Potty training

Research shows that children learn best through play, so the largest portion of their day is spent in Center Time. Center Time allows children to explore the classroom so they can learn and grown to reach their full potential. Teachers plan the curriculum and structure the centers to enhance the learning of a variety of concepts.

We have limited enrollment for children under the age of 2 years 6 months.

Preschool classroom

3-Year-Old Class

The 3s Program continues to grow the love of learning while still allowing for social and emotional growth through developmentally appropriate interactions. Teachers continue to use the STREAMin3 Curriculum and Virginia's Early Learning and Development (ELDS) to prepare their lesson plans for the students. The curriculum is designed to support children reaching their developmental milestones. Some of these milestones include:

  • Taking turns

  • Showing concern for others

  • Buttoning and zipping independently

  • Problem solving

  • Confidence in own abilities

  • Following two- and three-step instructions

  • Recognizing and pre-writing name

  • Recognizing and naming shapes and colors

  • Beginning to recognize numbers and letters

  • Using scissors

  • Copying shapes and patterns

  • Retelling stories

Teachers are committed to using a variety of modalities to support learning such as reading, beginning writing, singing songs, imaginary play and role playing, water and sand play, playing games and exploring the world around them through science and nature experiments.Their schedule includes center time to allow for self interest and concept development along with small and large group activities. 

All children must be potty trained to enroll in the 3s program.

Preschool classroom

Pre-K Class (Age 4 & 5)

.The Pre-K students continue to grow their love of learning while preparing for their next chapter through the teachers’ implementation of curriculum based on reaching their developmentally appropriate milestones and developing their kindergarten skills. Our program uses Virginia's Early Learning and Development Standards (ELDS) along with the STREAMin3. Our teaching team focuses on Kindergarten Readiness


Our program allows students to explore through teacher-directed and child-centered activities to build on their letter, number, color and shapes recognition while starting to articulate the letter sounds and identify words that start with specific letters. Our curriculum focuses on hands on learning through inquiry and investigation. 

Students' math skills are growing to count 10 or more objects, sorting and classifying, sequencing and counting to at least 20. They will start to increase their attention span, retell stories, build story comprehension, use reflection and prediction thinking skills and recognize words through small group and story time. Their fine motor skills will be exercised through writing their names, copying shapes, art, small building manipulatives and puzzles.


Their large motor skill will expand through indoor and outdoor activities designed to reach such milestones as standing on one foot for more than 9 seconds, hopping, climbing, throwing and catching and kicking balls, and pedaling a tricycle.


A few more milestones included in their days are learning their phone number and address, and independently zipping and buttoning. These are just some of the milestones students will accomplish while exploring the world around them and their place in it through a child centered schedule that allows for the students to learn, socialize and reach their full potential in a high quality focused program.

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