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Relate: Building a Strong Teacher-Child Relationship

The first week of preschool is always filled new schedules, new friends, and new opportunities to learn and grow. Our little learners need comfort and support as they ease into these new routines. During this time, our teachers work diligently to build strong relationships with our students. Sitting with a child, talking while building an amazing structure and holding their hand down the hallway creates an atmosphere of love and community. As the children feel safe and connected to the adults and peers in their classrooms, they gain the confidence to try new things and explore new experiences. Communication and social emotional skills also begin to blossom and grow!

Our strong emphasis upon relationships creates a natural pairing with the STREAMin3 Curriculum. STREAMin³ curriculum was developed by a CASTL team in collaboration with, and funding from, E3: Elevate Early Education at The New E3 School. STREAMin³ is grounded in developmental and early education research. It focuses on 6 STREAM and 5 Core Skills to promote children’s development and early learning. (Retrieved from STREAMin³ Snapshot - STREAMin3) The 5 Core Skills are Relate, Regulate, Think, Communicate and Move. A peek into a day at Parish Day School reveals all 5 core skills active in our classrooms and in our interactions. STREAMin3 and the emphasis upon relationships have laid a strong foundation for an even stronger year at Parish Day School.

With the STREAMin3 Curriculum, our teachers are spending the first three weeks of school building relationships and routines with the children. These connections will continue throughout the year. Teachers work hard to help the children feel safe and connected to the adults and peers in their classroom. Building these relationships gives children the confidence to try new things and helps as they build their communication skills. This buds into other areas of preschool where children get to be curious about how things work, ask questions, and even make-believe play. It is a wonderful foundation to start our school year. We feel so blessed to be partners with our families in this educational journey!

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