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Partnering for Success

Smooth Transition to the New School Year

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When reflecting on the smooth start of the new school year, we feel gratitude and are so thankful for the support from our teachers and parents. We know this preparation and partnership equals success for our students. Even with the days off and the Virginia weather, our families have been able to establish a steady routine, giving our students confidence and comfort to grow and learn. Well done!!

This year several parents have asked "How do your teachers get my child to follow directions?" We see each day the talents of our teaching team and love how they lean on the research and training they received this year from a Conscious Discipline approach. Teachers have been focused on building our school family these first weeks. They strive to build connections between our families and the school, our teachers and the students, and students to students. These connections are created through our school routines, our love rituals, and the traditions we build into our days. We have seen these same rituals established with our parents at drop off and pick up with hugs, high fives and questions to our students about their days. We hope you can see these connections building confidence in our students.

Throughout these next few months these connections will continue to grow and create our school culture. Teachers will be working with students to create an atmosphere of caring and encouragement that is full of meaningful learning experiences. Each month our chapel program focuses on Episcopal teachings that link to the Conscious Discipline skills we are working on with the children in class such as gratitude, compassion, generosity and responsibility. We are focused on our students social and emotional skills to give them a strong foundation for learning.

One method that our teachers use in the classroom to help our students follow directions is scaffolding their instructions. This technique allows teachers to model the instructions, use pictures to explain and practice the instructions. Role playing with your child can give them the words needed when interacting with peers and teachers. Taking the time to follow these steps gives students confidence when interacting with their world.

Parents looking for ideas of how to help your children follow directions at home can check out this Conscious Discipline article to learn more about the approach our teachers use in the classrooms.

Blessings of the Animals

Special thanks to Father Cameron, Reverend Julia, and Emily Bruch for making the Blessing of the Animals chapel service so sweet for our little learners. All of our stuffed animals have been blessed for a new school year!


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